April 2022
Volgograd State University
III international scientific conference

Competitive, sustainable and secure development of the regional economy

Sessions of the conference

  1. Strategic priorities of competitiveness, sustainability and security of development of economic systems
  2. Balanced economic growth and competitiveness growth of regions in the face of new challenges and threats to the economic security of Russia
  3. Imperatives of financial policy for sustainable development of the region's economy
  4. Innovative and investment aspects of sustainable regional development
  5. Modern problems of management and competitive regional development
  6. Methods and tools for modeling competitive, sustainable and safe development of social and economic development of the region
  7. Legal regulation in the era of great challenges and ensuring sustainable social development
  8. Social factors in ensuring the economic stability and security of modern Russia
  9. Environmental safety as a factor of sustainable development of the set of natural and economic industries the region


16.12.2021 The conference will be held April, 14-15 2022
The purpose of the conference is to discuss topical problems of modern regional economy, strategic priorities of financial and environmental policy, innovative, investment and social aspects of regional development, legal regulation and modeling of competitive, sustainable and secure development of social and economic development of the region with the involvement of Russian and foreign scientists and government authorities

05.06.2018 Posting articles
Conference materials are available on the Atlantis Press website

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