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April 2022

Competitive, sustainable and secure development of the regional economy


Any questions:
+7 844 246-02-85


    1. In what language should I send the article: in Russian or in English?
      The article is sent to the organizational committee in the Russian language. After double blind peer review the article is translated in the English language and then you pay for its publication.
    2. When should I start translating the article?
      The article should be translated after the review process and the acceptance for the publication.
    3. When and how shall I learn about the positive decision of reviewers? You will be notified about the decision of reviewers via the e-mail that you gave at the registration on the site.
    4. When do I have to pay for the publication of the article?
      The payment is made after the positive decision of the reviewers.
    5. If there are several coauthors in the paper? Is this enough for one coauthor to register on the site? Or do all the coathors need to register?
      Only one of the coauthors (it is up to you to decide) register on the site. The organizational committee will contact this author.
    6. Can I make corrections in the article?
      The procedure does not give the opportunity to make corrections in the article. The reviewers give a positive or a negative conclusion about the opportunity of publication.